Editor’s Note: To view an online video of the boot offering, visit www.swbts.edu/LottieBootOffering.

FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary celebrated the holiday season early by gathering gifts for the Lottie Moon in August offering during chapel, Aug. 25.

Without prior knowledge of the offering, students, faculty and staff generously gave $5,491.17 for international missions. In Southwestern fashion, they collected the money in boots rather than offering plates. Southwestern Seminary has occasionally taken “boot offerings” in order to help those in need.

The most recent offering was taken in support of the Lottie Moon in August Offering, an emphasis intended to raise awareness of the $30 million shortfall in the 2008 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and to encourage churches to make a special effort to give in August as well as December this year to recover the deficit. SBC President Johnny Hunt and other SBC leaders called for this emphasis during the annual convention in Louisville, Ky.

At the beginning of August, Southwestern Seminary also released a video and other promotional materials in order to promote the August offering. Southwesterners who attended chapel, Aug. 25, viewed the video prior to the boot offering.