FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – The Lockman Foundation, the organization that translates and distributes the New American Standard Bible, helped fund the construction of the J.W. MacGorman Chapel through its gift to Southwestern. The foundation dedicated the Lockman Foundation Lobby, Dec. 1, as part of a daylong event held in the new building.

Dr. Robert Lambeth, current president of the Lockman Foundation, says he and his wife Phoebe are pleased to support the work of the seminary and the bolstering of the Scriptures.

 “When the Pattersons moved to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2003, we developed a special interest in the ministry of SWBTS and its graduates,” Lambeth said. “We were impressed to see the emphasis on the fulfillment of the Great Commission as expressed in Matthew 28:19-20 and the impact of SWBTS's worldwide outreach. SWBTS graduates are changing hearts and lives around the world.”

The Lockman Foundation began giving a leather-bound NASB to each graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1992 while Paige Patterson—the current president of Southwestern— was president there. The following semester, the foundation began presenting the Bibles to graduates of each of the six Southern Baptist seminaries.

“The presentation has continued for 19 years and, with the Lord's blessing, we plan to continue the tradition,” Lambeth said. “We feel privileged to be counted as friends of the Pattersons and are grateful that The Lockman Foundation is permitted to be part of the ministry of SWBTS.”

Dean of the School of Theology, David Allen, who is one of several scholars responsible for editing and translating the latest version of the Amplified Bible by the Lockman Foundation, presided over the dedication and read from the third chapter of 2 Timothy, underlining for the group that the Word of God is “God-breathed” and indeed “inspired of God.”

The lobby includes a collection of Bibles, a picture of the original Lockman home and working copies of the translation of Hebrews, as well as other hand-written translation notes. Allen, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology Malcolm Yarnell and Assistant Professor of Old Testament Ryan Stokes are all part of the team translating the Lockman Foundation’s updated version of the Amplified Bible.