FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – When David Lim looks back over his time as a master’s and doctoral student at Southwestern, he is thankful that his studies prepared him both academically and pastorally.

Lim, who now serves as an associate pastor at Global Mission Church of Greater Washington D.C., credits Southwestern’s emphasis on preaching, evangelism and practical ministry with giving him the tools needed to serve one of the largest Korean churches in the area.

“I studied at Southwestern for 10 years,” Lim says, adding, “I stayed because Southwestern emphasizes the Word of God and evangelism.

“[The seminary has] a strong heritage of evangelism and missions. Also, Southwestern has pastoral professors. They are academically good, but they are also friendly and teach students with a pastoral heart that becomes imbedded in the students.”

Lim says his professors’ pastoral approach toward students served as a guide for how he ministers in his church today.

“When I studied at Southwestern,” Lim says, “my professors didn’t teach me just to study. They taught me how to do counseling and how to be available. That kind of pastoral attitude was very helpful when I started pastoring in my church because I already learned it from my professors.”

Lim has served at Global Mission Church for three years and helps coordinate their adult Bible study, cell group and outreach ministries. On any given Sunday, they see 400-500 adults involved in Bible study, and they have more than 120 cell groups meeting in homes throughout the week.

Last year, more than 600 church members trained in personal evangelism, and the church is a large supporter of the Cooperative Program and missions, having sent more than 50 church members to mission fields around the world through the International Mission Board.

With an emphasis on expository preaching and a heart for evangelism, Lim continues Southwestern’s tradition of preaching the Word and reaching the world.