FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary celebrated B.H. Carroll Day on Thurs., March 13, with a special chapel service and awards banquet to honor the seminary’s founder and this year’s B.H. Carroll Award recipient. Craig Blaising, executive vice president and provost, welcomed special guests to chapel, including the seminary’s seventh president, Kenneth Hemphill, and this year’s B.H. Carroll Awards recipient, Hope For the Heart, a worldwide ministry that is committed to Bible-based counseling and Christian discipleship.

After Blaising announced the celebration would not be complete without a visit from Carroll himself, the series of centennial dramas, organized by Calvin Pearson, assistant dean for preaching and pastoral studies, continued. Master’s student Robert Ring portrayed Carroll as he explained his vision for Southwestern Seminary to his wife, Hallie. Emily Felts, a bachelor’s student playing Hallie, listened intently as Ring presented Carroll’s vision on a train to build a school in the Southwest to train young Baptist preachers.

Seminary president Paige Patterson delivered the chapel message on the topic of prayer, continuing his message series from “The Sermon on the Mount.” Patterson described prayer as “something believers do a lot of lip service about, but don’t do enough of.” In his message conclusion, Patterson said that in addition to honoring Carroll for establishing the seminary, appreciation should also be given to Carroll’s mother, who faithfully prayed for her son, though many said he had the “hardest of hearts” before his conversion.  

June Hunt, founder of Hope for the Heart ministries, accepted the B.H. Carroll award on behalf of the organization. During the chapel service, before singing a song from one of her albums, Hunt said, “Thank God for Southwestern, an institution that holds to the power of God’s Word. My words do not matter. Your words do not matter…but His Word is sharper than a double-edged sword.”

Following the chapel service, the B.H. Carroll Award Luncheon was held in the Naylor Student Center. After receiving the award, Hunt again commended the use of the Bible in counseling, stating, “Truth sets people free.” Hope For the Heart is a biblical counseling ministry that features the award-winning radio broadcast by the same name heard daily in 25 different countries. Hunt’s warmth, wisdom and wit reveal a real friend behind the microphone.

When speaking to a non-Christian caller on her radio show, Hunt said, “I’m going to deal with what they called about, but then I transition into salvation because there’s no sense in trying to put a band-aid on cancer.”

Hunt is also the author of Biblical Counseling Keys, the foundational book for the Biblical Counseling Institute for Hope, initiated by the Criswell College, where Hunt earned her master’s degree in counseling. Her ministry has recently endowed the Hope For the Heart Chair of Biblical Counseling at Southwestern. The B.H. Carroll Award is presented to friends of Southwestern who support the seminary and share a common vision for training men and women for ministry.