Southwestern Seminary will be represented by 16 faculty members and seven students at the 69th annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in Providence, R.I., Nov. 15-17. This year’s theme will be “The Heritage of the Reformation.”

Southwestern faculty and students taking part in the meeting and their topics include:

David Allen (dean, School of Preaching): “Calvin and the Extent of the Atonement: Assessment of Twenty-first Century Scholarship”

Scott Aniol (associate professor of church music): moderator for “Biblical Worship: The Reformation of Worship”; “Worship as Divider and Unifier: A Comparison of the Reformation with Contemporary Evangelicalism”

Craig Blaising (executive vice president and provost): “Israel and the Nations in the Eschatological Vision of Revelation”; panelist for “The Book of Revelation: Israel and the Nations in the Book of Revelation”

Bryan Bogue (student): “Hell or High Water: Antediluvian and Sodom Traditions in Early Jewish and Christian Writings”

Robert Caldwell (associate professor of church history): moderator for “Wesley and Whitefield? Wesley versus Whitefield?”; respondent for “The 1802 Revival at Yale College: Assessing the Impact on Graduates and their Ministries”; “Jonathan Edwards on Isaac Watts”

Dongsun Cho (associate professor of systematic and historical theology): “Theological Affinity between Augustine and the Reformers on Justification: A Response to Alister McGrath”

Lori Danielson (student): “Christ’s Presence in the Lord’s Supper in Baptist Worship”

Candi Finch (assistant professor of theology in women’s studies): “Anabaptist Women of the Radical Reformation: What Court Testimonies Reveal About their Faith”

Paul Golata (student): “Ethics and Chimeric Design: A Christian View of Technological Enhancements to Human Intelligence”

Paul Gould (associate professor of philosophy and Christian apologetics): participant in “Evangelical Philosophical Society C2”

John Gray (student): “Benjamin Keach’s Adherence to the Regulative Principle and How it Shaped His Worship”

Ross Inman (assistant professor of philosophy): “You Are Fundamental”; moderator for “Evangelical Philosophical Society C1”; “Theology in the Second Person: Christian Dogmatics as a Mode of Prayer”

Steven James (assistant professor of systematic theology): “New Creation Eschatology and the Land: Contemporary Perspectives”

John Laing (professor of systematic theology and philosophy): moderator for “Systematic Theology: Ethics”

Stefana Dan Laing (assistant librarian): moderator for “Patristic and Medieval History: The Reformation Reception of the Patristic Heritage: Lutheran, Anglican, Reformed and Anabaptist”

Isak Lee (student): “Will There Be Libertarian Freedom in the Glorified State?”

R. Keith Loftin (assistant professor of philosophy and humanities): moderator for “Evangelical Philosophical Society A2”

Paige Patterson (president): panelist for “Christianity and Culture: Baptists and the Legacy of the Reformation in America”

Benjamin Phillips (associate professor of systematic theology): “‘We Speak the Word of God’: The Reformer’s Theology of Preaching”

Charles Savelle (assistant professor of biblical exposition): moderator for “Old Testament: General Studies II”

David Toledo (assistant professor of music ministry): moderator for “Biblical Worship”

June Yang (student): “Revisiting ‘The Image of God’: Genesis 1:26-27 and Its Implications for the Concept of Gender”

Malcolm Yarnell (research professor of systematic theology): “The Reformation and Baptist Origins: The Contributions of B.R. White”; “The Integrity of Worship in the Theology of Balthasar Hubmaier”; panelist for “Biblical Worship: The Reformation of Worship”; “The Canon and the Christ”

For more information and a complete list of presenters, see here.