Carter BloodCare recently recognized Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary for having the highest percentage of participation during blood drives among colleges and universities in 2005. Kent Sanders, director for student life, accepted the honor on behalf of the seminary at a luncheon Jan. 26.

“It is important that the seminary invest in the physical needs of the Fort Worth community,” Sanders said. “The old adage that ‘actions speak louder than words’ is true … There is a faith principle in the book of James that teaches us that works are to accompany our faith.  By participating and being dependable about everyday needs within our community, it helps to establish our credibility and sometimes opens doors for witness or ministry.”

The seminary has been partnering with Carter BloodCare at least since 1988, according to Sanders.

“We rely on caring neighbors like Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary to regularly step forward and give lifesaving blood to patients who need it in our community,” said Dr. Merlyn Sayers,  CEO of Carter BloodCare. “Since 1990, the students have given over 2,000 units of blood—a remarkable accomplishment considering that each unit impacts three lives.”

The importance of giving blood directly impacts the seminary community in many ways. Elijah Soritau, a Southern Baptist pastor from Romania, and his wife, Ralene, have spent the last several months at Cooks Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth with their three-year-old daughter, Victoriana, who has cancer.

“It has taken many units of blood to keep Tori alive during this time and the Southwestern family has played a large part in this, not only through prayer but through their donations during recent blood drives,” Sanders said. “At Southwestern, we pride ourselves on being ‘a family’. The Southwestern family always ‘steps up to the plate’ when there is need. Southwestern has a wonderful reputation in this regard and it is an honor to be a part of it.”