FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – When a group of students found out that a new business, Toppers Pizza, would be giving free pizza for a year to the first people in line for its grand opening, evangelism—not pepperoni or cheese— was the first thing that came to their minds.
Matthew Robinson, Jonathan Baldwin and Van Williams took one look at the pizza flyer and immediately saw it as a prime opportunity to share the Gospel. With their wives’ support and encouragement, the men decided to camp out on the sidewalk with others waiting in line. The next morning, the wives brought coffee and donuts and joined their husbands in evangelism.
The group shared the message of salvation with many people in line from all walks of life. On Saturday morning, Robinson led Santiago, a 17-year-old high school student, in prayer to receive Christ as his savior.
Robinson says he first shared his own testimony and then explained the 10 Commandments to Santiago and how both of them were sinners and in need of a savior. Then, using a Bridge to Life tract, he explained how Christ had made a way for sinners to be forgiven of their sin by Christ’s death and resurrection.
“He really wanted to know, ‘What happens if I don’t receive Christ?’” Robinson said. “So I got to explain what it was like to be separated from God, and he fully understood that, ‘I’m a sinner, I need a savior.’ He couldn’t believe how it was a free gift and how easy it was. He was like, ‘That’s it? You just have to repent and pray to receive Christ?’”
Santiago has now been attending church the last few Sundays with Robinson and his wife, Kaycee. Robinson said he and Kaycee have also met Santiago’s mother and found that she has been receptive to hearing the Gospel, as well.
Robinson said even in the few short weeks he and Kaycee have been at Southwestern, they have been encouraged and emboldened by the faculty and students at the seminary.
“From Dr. Patterson to Dr. Queen and even meeting Jonathan and Van—the students here, because of the faculty, they’re always pressing in to be sharing the Gospel,” Robinson said. “And so for me and my wife, it’s just encouraged us in our walk even more. It’s encouraged us to want to be more bold.”
Robinson said he has specifically been encouraged by going on witnessing outings with Matt Queen for No Soul Left Behind—an initiative designed to share the Gospel with those in neighborhoods near the seminary.
“Watching him and how intentional he is and purposeful, and how he makes sure people understand clearly the Gospel…has been a huge encouragement in our walk,” Robinson said. “If we really believe that Jesus died, then His love should compel us to want to see others come to know Him. Even in the United States—even in Fort Worth—many have still never heard the Gospel clearly presented. Santiago walked close to two miles to come for pizza, and he was on his way to hell, and now he’s a brother in Christ.”