FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – The sounds of rattling chain-link fences, a cheering audience, and people being pummeled with dodgeballs characterized the 2014 Spring Kickoff, Jan. 24. New and current students, as well as Southwestern faculty, staff and families, gathered together in the Recreation Aerobics Center (RAC) to enjoy pizza, bounce houses, information about upcoming campus events and local businesses, and the bi-annual dodgeball tournament, a tradition since fall 2010.

“Our goal for Kickoffs is fun and informational,” said Student Life Coordinator Justin Benson. “We want to welcome new and current students to Southwestern while providing them with as much information about on-campus organizations, events and happenings as possible. We have also been cultivating some relationships with local businesses, so they can come and provide students with information as well.”

Prior to the dodgeball tournament, attendees visited booths sponsored by Chick-fil-a, Sam’s Club, and Southwestern-related organizations including the Writing Center, the apologetics club and representatives for the upcoming Youth Ministry Lab.

But the most popular feature of the Kickoff, as always, was the dodgeball tournament. Nine teams competed, with the team from the admissions office emerging victorious.

Adam Robinson, an admissions ambassador who participated in the tournament, said the admissions office competed primarily to help welcome and meet new students.  

“What better way to forge friendships than to enter into battle together!” Robinson said.

Robinson said the admissions team plans to re-assemble at the Fall Kickoff in order to defend their title, meet new students and challenge familiar ones.

“For us,” Benson said on behalf of Student Life, “[the Spring Kickoff] is always a success if people come and enjoy themselves, if they come meet new people; if they come hang out with friends; if they learn more about Southwestern or Fort Worth. So, it was indeed a success according to the Student Life department.”