FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) -- In celebration of the 100-year anniversary of its relocation to Fort Worth, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary opened a 60-year-old time capsule. The sealed, copper time capsule contained books written by its first three presidents; sermon notes from the late George W. Truett, pastor of First Baptist Church, Dallas; a seminary catalogue; Bibles used by the seminary’s third and fourth presidents; and other documents.
“There’s nothing new in the materials, but it gives us a window into seminary life on the Hill 55 and 60 years ago,” said Berry Driver, dean of libraries. “The time capsule gives us a veritable picture of the liturgical life, the scholarly life, even the exemplars of the writing that was done at that time. Of course, the whole idea was to remember the heritage at this new juncture with the Memorial Building.”
The capsule was set in the cornerstone of the B.H. Carroll Memorial Building on Jan. 24, 1950, and then reset on Dec. 6, 1955, when the building was expanded. When it was reset, additional items were added to the container.
Books include B.H. Carroll’s Jesus the Christ, a signed copy of L.R. Scarborough’s With Christ After the Lost, and E.D. Head’s The Bible Book by Book. Additional contents include Bibles from E.D. Head and J. Howard Williams; sermon notes from Truett, for whom the chapel auditorium is named; a statement of faith and Christian stewardship booklet written by William Fleming, for whom the east wing of the building is named; seminary catalogues and orders of service from 1950 and 1955; and lists of trustees and Fort Worth City Councilmen from 1955.
The time capsule and its contents will be displayed in the cases outside Truett Auditorium for students to view.