FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Southwestern formally thanked ministry partners Roy and Lynn Baxley and Tom and Marsha Ramsey at the annual B.H. Carroll and L.R. Scarborough awards luncheon, March 6. President Paige Patterson presented the couples with their respective awards and expressed the seminary’s gratitude for their support.

Patterson explained that the gifts and support of the seminary’s ministry partners prove crucial given the current economic climate and in light of students’ need to graduate without towering debt surrounding them so that they can serve on the mission field and in pastorates without delay. He said were it not for faithful people such as the Baxleys and Ramseys, students could not afford to attend seminary, the seminary could not afford to pay professors, and Kingdom work would be hampered.

“Doing seminary is a situation that requires all of us,” Patterson said to the nearly 100 guests in attendance. “We would like to honor every one of you, but that is just not possible. So, every year, we [honor] some who have been especially exemplary in their giving and in their prayer for us.”

Patterson recognized Roy Baxley and his late wife Lynn with the B.H. Carroll Award, noting their support of the seminary through giving, specifically highlighting their contributions to the Anabaptist Study Tour and the Dead Sea Scrolls & the Bible exhibition.

“You know it's just great when you find a man that God has blessed who wants to turn around and bless God in return,” Patterson told Baxley as he presented him with the award. “I just want to say thank you on behalf of every student whose whole future you have touched, and I want to tell you that it doesn’t stop there. There will be a whole bunch of people in heaven someday that are there through the witness of these students that you’ve made possible.”

Baxley warmly accepted his award.

“I don’t know why I was chosen for this, but it means very much to me,” Baxley said. “It would mean so much more if my wife were only here, because she had more to do with this than I did. We decided many years ago that what the Lord had blessed us with, we needed to return as much as we possibly could to help spread the Gospel. We both felt all down through the years that one of the best ways to do it was to back the educational facilities that turn out our people who are willing to go all over the world to spread the Gospel.”

Patterson then recognized the Ramseys and thanked them for their service and dedication.

“We thank you so much for all you do for the Lord’s work through your local church, because you set the example in that,” Patterson said, “and that you have somehow come to love us, to love our seminary, to love the Havard School of Theology there in Houston. We thank you so much for the extent to which you have loved our people and served with them.”

Tom spoke for he and his wife as Patterson presented them with the L.R. Scarborough Award.

“Marsha and I are humbled beyond words by this acknowledgment from Southwestern,” Tom said, adding that he accepted the award in honor of his father, E.P. Ramsey who himself was a student at the seminary when Tom was born.

“Southwestern is just an amazing institution. To us it’s just been pure joy to be a part of it and the Kingdom activities that go on within this campus and literally around the world. When you give the civil engineer the mic, I want to say a word or two about engineering: I think Southwestern sets the plumb line in terms of theology, as not only a plumb line in terms of where we ought to be—what we ought to be doing in terms of the Bible— but also the Gospel. The Gospel permeates everything that goes on, on this campus.

“It means a great deal to E.P. and Ethel Ramsey that we have the opportunity to do this, because my dad's favorite verse—which he preached his first sermon—was Romans 1:16: ‘I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power [of God] to salvation.’”