Dear Southwesterners,

Congratulations are in order to the Immanuel Baptist Church in Little Rock, Ark., for calling one of the premier preachers in the whole Kingdom of our Lord to be their pastor.  Similarly, we bid Dr. Steven Smith a blessing from Southwestern and, I am certain, from God as he accepts this pivotal pulpit. 

The Seminary cannot help sensing a considerable loss in the exodus of a great preacher and fine theologian. It is for this reason that I am so grateful that Dr. Smith will continue to serve as an adjunct faculty member, particularly at our Little Rock campus. But ultimately, we are churchmen, and we can never afford to be unhappy when the churches do well. We are rich in professors of preaching, and we will continue in our new School of Preaching under Dr. David Allen to offer the best of text-driven preaching to the evangelical world.

Dr. Smith now serves as vice president for student services at Southwestern Seminary.  Upon his departure, I have asked Dr. Charles Patrick to assume the role of interim vice president for student services until the trustees meet in February, at which time a new vice president for student services will be named. Dr. Patrick will also continue to serve as vice president for strategic initiatives and communications. 

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Smith and praying for the entire Smith family as they begin this transition.


Until He comes,

Paige Patterson