FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – In the beginning, God created the family. The primacy of the family is apparent by the fact that God established it as the first human institution, and Scripture uses the idea of family metaphorically to describe the people of God. As an echo of this biblical theme, the winter edition of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Southwestern News magazine explores the theology and application of adoption as well as its impact on individual families and the family of God.

President Paige Patterson expressed great excitement about the current issue. “I always love Southwestern News, but this issue tells what Southwestern is about better than any issues I’ve read,” he said.

Feature stories highlight administration, faculty, students, alumni and donors who have experienced the joy of adoption. The magazine captures the passion for adoption that permeates the campus and challenges individuals to embrace their role in adoption.

An article focusing on the theology of adoption anchors the magazine. Scripture’s explanation of adoption as a theological metaphor for God’s activity in salvation illuminates the heavenly Father’s compassion for spiritual orphans and Christians’ new identities as sons and heirs in the family of God through the finished work of Jesus Christ.

An overarching theme throughout the stories presented in the magazine is the fact that every adoption story is unique but similar. Wrapped around the nuances of each story is the compassion and love displayed by Christian families. Whether domestic or international, direct adoption or foster care, the heart of the Father is revealed.

The magazine emphasizes the truth that Christians have been lovingly welcomed into the family of God, and their lives are forever changed. While every spiritual adoption story is unique, they all point in unison to a loving Father who considered no sacrifice too great. Obtained by grace, Christians are called to reflect this spiritual reality in the world.

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