FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Statistics do not favor children growing up without a father. However, God provides Christians with what they lack by being their Heavenly Father. Miranda Campbell, graduating this May with a Master of Arts in Christian Education, brings this truth to life through her research and through writing a book about the subject.
Campbell, whose parents divorced when she was young, says “the book is rooted in my own experience. I haven’t lived out every statistic, but my family members have, and the affects of fatherlessness is a real reality for a lot of people in my world.”
Her book, Missing Dad, came from her independent study with Terri Stovall, dean of the Women’s Programs at Southwestern Seminary.
The framework of her book deals with how, in the Bible, God reveals Himself as Father, which tells Christians a lot about His character and His care for them. It also examines the effects fatherlessness has on adult women. Campbell says her relationship with Jesus Christ gives her what she needs to flourish even without having an earthly dad in her life.
Stovall mentored Campbell off and on throughout her time at seminary, guided her throughout the research process, and continues as an encouragement and guide as Campbell finishes writing the book this year. Encouraged by Stovall’s responses to her writing and research, Campbell pursued publishing via Wine Press, a self-publishing agency.
 “It’s a slow process for me, but having Dr. Stovall talk about it with me puts some ammunition in my gun and helps me keep going,” says Campbell. “She is just really available, extremely approachable. She wants to get to know her students on a personal level.”
Southwestern has a long history of equipping women for ministry. “The women of Southwestern are not wimps,” wrote Stovall in an article for the Southwestern News. “We exist to prepare women theologically, spiritually, and practically for Kingdom service at home, in the community, and to the ends of the earth.”
Campbell currently teaches elementary-aged children at a classical school in Fort Worth. She hopes to graduate this May from Southwestern and continue with her ministry preparation by pursuing a doctorate in education next year.