The Widows’ Might prayer ministry comprises more than 500 women across the United States who are committed to praying for the faculty, staff and students of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. During the most recent gathering, March 8, Vice President for Institutional Advancement Travis Trawick thanked these friends and ministry partners for their devotion and fervent prayers.

“Those of you who love to communicate with our Father on behalf of Southwestern Seminary and our students, please continue to do that as we train these men and women who are God-called to serve the Lord,” Trawick said. “Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your gifts. Thank you for your support that allows us to continue to train these preachers as they lead the churches in the Southern Baptist Convention.”

Following a shared meal, giveaways and a special musical performance from Bachelor of Music student Daniel Dudley, guest speaker Jan Pender, wife of the senior pastor of Fallbrook Church in Houston, Michael A. Pender, delivered a message on this year’s theme: “Be Still.”

Life is not without its difficulties and painful seasons, Pender acknowledged, but the Christian does not have to give in to worry, fear and anxiety. Rather, she continued, “God wants us to respond in a profound way.”

Pender explained that believers must rest in God and what His Word reveals to them about who He is. First, she encouraged the women to remember that God will always be with them.

“If we belong to God, when Jesus leads us, He goes with us,” Pender said. “Sometimes even when we know theses stories, we tend to forget and think we can do this on our own.”

“Sit back and let the Holy Spirit teach you what He has for you to know,” Pender continued. “Scripture, even though it is very familiar, God can use it to speak to us in a very powerful and different way. His Word is living and active.”

Though one’s inclination might be to believe God is distant, do not give up, Pender said. Rather, look again to who Scripture says God is and how one can react in light of that knowledge.

Pender reflected on the common struggle between faith and fear, but Scripture commands the heart and mind to be still. Christians, she continued, do not have to rely on their own strength to do this.

“The Word of God does the separating. The sword of the Spirit can cut through all that worry and anxiety and separate that fear from our faith,” Pender said. “We use the Word to remember who God is, so that we can rest and ‘be still.’”

Widows’ Might is a ministry of Southwestern Seminary’s Women’s Auxiliary. The next Women’s Auxiliary Garden Party and Dressed for Service style show will be held in Houston on April 3 and in Fort Worth on April 11. For more information about joining Widows’ Might, see here.