FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – B&H Academic recently posted a four-page interview with David Allen and Steve Lemke, editors of the April 2010 B&H publication, Whosoever Will: A Biblical-Theological Critique of Five-Point Calvinism.
Allen serves as dean of the School of Theology, professor of preaching and director of the Center of Biblical Preaching at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Lemke serves as provost and professor of philosophy and ethics at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.
According to the interview, Whosoever Will “provides a fuller presentation” of the response to Calvinism provided at the John 3:16 Conference, hosted in Woodstock, Ga., in the fall of 2008.
“From the beginning, our purpose was never to engage in ‘Calvinist bashing,’” Allen and Lemke write. “We have attempted to disagree with our Calvinist brothers and sisters in a Christ-like spirit, while seeking at the same time to offer a scholarly, biblically based, and theologically sound critique.”
This interview may be downloaded from B&H Academic’s website: