Susie Hawkins, wife of President of GuideStone Ministries O.S. Hawkins, wrote an article, March 27, for the blog “Flourish” that examines the history and significance of Metochai, Southwestern Seminary’s organization for student wives. The article, titled “When a woman is a catalytic leader,” specifically explores the contributions of the organization’s first champion, Neppie Scarborough.

Established in 1939, Metochai was Scarborough’s pet project. Hawkins recounts that, after Metochai’s first few meetings, questions arose—particularly among male students—regarding the organization’s helpfulness and necessity. In response, Scarborough was asked by her husband, L.R. Scarborough, Southwestern’s second president, to bring a message in chapel, explaining Metochai’s purpose as she saw it.

“We’d like to be the kind of wives you need, feeling that is our calling,” Scarborough said to ministers. “We’d like to ‘boost you up’ or ‘bring you down a buttonhole or two,’ as the case may demand.”

Hawkins notes that Scarborough’s leadership “still ripples today,” as all SBC seminaries now have organizations designed to prepare wives for ministry. She explains that these resulted from Scarborough’s “catalytic efforts.”

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