Note: This article is adapted from a press release produced and distributed by Christian Focus Publications

Patricia Ennis, distinguished professor of homemaking at Southwestern Seminary, received the Golden Scroll Merit Award for Nonfiction from the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA) for her book God Is My Strength: Fifty Biblical Responses to Issues Facing Women Today.

The book comprises a list of 50 questions that women frequently pose. It is her passion, she tells the reader, to share responses “that would challenge you to become theologically sound (Titus 2:1-5) as well as a ‘doer of the word’ (James 1:22) in the critical areas of your life: Your God, Yourself, Your Relationships, Your Home, Your World.”

Catherine Mackenzie, editor for Christian Focus Publications, says, “Pat Ennis is a great addition to our writing team. She has a wealth of experience that consists not only of knowledge but of practical skills and theological expertise. These are gifts you just can’t buy—you can only gain them through life. And here we have someone who knows them, lives them and can write about them!

“You often hear the phrase that to prove your knowledge on a subject, you have to be able to teach it. Pat has done that, not only in the classroom at Southwestern Seminary, but between the pages of this excellent book: God Is My Strength. It’s a delight to see Pat’s passion for the home, God’s Word and women believers being given the recognition it deserves through AWSA.”

AWSA, which consists of more than 400 top ICRS (International Christian Retail Show) women authors who both publish and speak nationally, presented the award at a banquet, June 26, at the Duke Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In addition to being a distinguished professor, Ennis also directs the homemaking programs at Southwestern Seminary. Prior to this, she taught at The Master’s College and Christian Heritage College. She has authored and co-authored several books, including The Christian Homemaker’s Handbook (with Dorothy Patterson), the 554-page volume that is a snapshot of the homemaking curriculum at Southwestern Seminary and the College at Southwestern.

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