A recent publication by Southwestern professor Steven James on eschatology is earning attention within the academic world, as evidenced by its being reviewed by the American Academy of Religion (AAR). The book, New Creation Eschatology and the Land: A Survey of Contemporary Perspectives, was released last September by Wipf and Stock Publishers.

Within the work, James—assistant vice president for academic administration and assistant professor of systematic theology in Scarborough College—critiques scholars such as N.T. Wright, J. Richard Middleton, Russell Moore, Douglas Moo, and Howard Snyder, who affirm a continuity of identity between the current creation and the next, but do not maintain a special place for the nation of Israel within their eschatological framework. Writing for AAR’s “Reading Religion,” an open book review website, Adjunct Professor of Theology at Saint Joseph's University Joshua Wise calls the work an unquestionably “worthwhile contribution to the ongoing discussion of New Creation.”

Read Wise’s full review here, and learn more about James’ book here.