The work and personal testimony of Robert López, professor of humanities at Southwestern Seminary, were the central feature of “The New Normal,” a conference organized by Christian Concern that took place in London, Nov. 11-12. López recounted his experience of being raised by his mother and her female partner, and, prior to marrying his wife and fully embracing faith in Christ, leading a homosexual lifestyle as a result.

A UK version of López’s book, Jephthah’s Daughters: Innocent Casualties in the War for Family Equality, which comprises Lopez’s account as well as others, was released at the conference. In his preface to the work, López argues that same-sex marriage, which has had the effect of providing respectability to a hasty social experiment and shielding it from proper scrutiny, is “premised on falsehoods” and has taken “protections away from the most vulnerable people in the world … children.”

Anglican Mainstream published an article about the conference detailing López’s contributions as well as providing an overview of the other speakers and their teachings. See the full article here.