FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Believers should pray for peace and the spread of the Gospel amid Tunisia’s political strife and violence, Malcolm Yarnell, associate professor of systematic theology at Southwestern Baptist Theology Seminary, wrote in a release on Baptist Press, Jan. 17.
In his article, Yarnell recounted the history of Tunisia, from the foundation of ancient Carthage, which, in its time, challenged even the power of ancient Rome. He also called believers to remember Tunisia’s Christian heritage: Despite periods of persecution, early Christians flourished in Tunisia. The region even produced some of the church’s most influential theologians, such as Tertullian, Cyprian and Augustine.
“Tunisians are now suffering,” Yarnell wrote, reflecting upon the violent protests that forced President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali to flee the country, Jan. 14.
“Would you please pray for Tunisia? For her political freedom and stability. For the Gospel of eternal peace, once again, to flourish in this beautiful land.”
Yarnell’s article can be accessed on the Baptist Press website at the following address: