TBC, Southwestern Youth Lab ‘Worldview Sessions’ to address gender, sexuality

Elizabeth Bennett
| Jan 19, 2023

Desiring to combat the lies of the culture and provide guidance for tough questions youth face, Texas Baptist College and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Youth Lab are sponsoring The Worldview Sessions: Gender and Sexuality March 31-April 1 on the seminary’s campus. The event is for student ministry leaders, teenagers, and parents to assist in answering common questions that are prevalent in society today. 

Chris Shirley, dean of the Jack D. Terry School of Educational Ministries, and Todd Bates, dean of Texas Baptist College, are coordinating the event. 

Shirley said he sees the conference as “vitally important.” 

“In a world where children and teenagers are being bombarded with false and destructive messages about their gender and sexuality, we need to press against the influence of the world with messages about the unwavering hope and unchanging truth of God’s Word: a beautiful message from the One in whose image they were created,” Shirley proclaimed. 

According to conference organizers, the conference will address questions such as Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? What does faithful Christian living look like in an increasingly post-Christian world? Organizers said that young people today are “bombarded by messages that are contrary to the way of Jesus” and the conference will seek to help youth decipher “what to believe about things like sexuality and gender” and how to be courageous and “stand up for what they believe.” A main goal of this conference is to equip student ministers, parents, youth ministry workers, and students on the issues of gender and sexuality, organizers said. 

The speakers for the event include Richard Ross, senior professor of student ministry; Lilly Park, associate professor of biblical counseling; and Daniel Darling, assistant professor of faith and culture at TBC. There will be two breakout sessions, one on gender and sexuality and one on culture and spiritual formation, which will be led by Jonathan Williams, adjunct professor at Southwestern Seminary; Katie McCoy, director of women’s ministry at the Baptist General Convention of Texas; Micah Carter, associate dean of TBC and assistant professor of theology; and Coleman Ford, assistant professor of humanities at TBC. The Texas Baptist College Band will lead participants in musical worship. 

Bates described the conference as “a taste of what students, parents, and leaders can expect from a Texas Baptist College education. We are unapologetically biblical and unafraid of engaging tough cultural questions.” Bates wants to help “potential Texas Baptist College students understand that TBC is a great place to study.” 

The cost for the conference is $40 for students and $50 for adults, which includes both breakfast and lunch.

More information about the conference can be found here