This Week on the Hill: Global Missions Week; Early voting

| Oct 12, 2020

"This Week on the Hill" is a weekly roundup of campus news, announcements, and events from Southwestern Seminary and Scarborough College.

Global Missions Week starts tomorrow

This week, October 13-15, you have the chance to sit down with several of our IMB missionaries who are visiting campus for Global Missions Week. God is doing incredible work among South Asian peoples all over the world, so come find out how you can join in that work, no matter where you are! 

Check out the full schedule, which includes events both on campus and online.


Virtual Q&As this week: SCMW, Missions & Evangelism

These live discussions are the perfect time to ask any questions you have about your next degree at Southwestern Seminary or Scarborough College.

If you know someone interested in pursuing a degree in church music or in missions and evangelism, then pass this email along to them and let them know they're invited to join a live discussion with our faculty members this week:

  • School of Church Music & Worship with Joe Crider: Monday, October 12, 1pm
  • Fish School of Evangelism and Missions: Wednesday, October 14, 12pm

Check out the full list of Virtual Q&A's at

Early voting available on campus this month

Don't forget to stop by the Student Center sometime during the next two weeks for early voting:

10/13-17: 8am-5pm
10/19-23: 8am-5pm
10/24: 7am-7pm
10/25: 11am-4pm
10/26-30: 7am-7pm