"This Week on the Hill" is a weekly roundup of campus news, announcements, and events from Southwestern Seminary and Scarborough College.

COVID-19 Task Force establishes email address

The Southwestern Seminary COVID-19 Task Force has made available an email address to answer questions anyone in the seminary community may have: covid19@swbts.edu. The Task Force will communicate any necessary information to the seminary community, including any positive tests or other relevant information.

The Task Force is comprised of the following individuals: Dr. Richard Knight, director of Campus Clinic; Dr. Charles Carpenter, dean of students; Dr. Terri Stovall, dean of women; Kevin Caffey, associate vice president for enrollment management; and Kevin Collins, chief of Campus Police.

The Task Force reminds the seminary community about the expectation for self-reporting of symptoms or positive COVID test results, which can be done here. Other information is available at swbts.edu/coronavirus. Free testing locations are available from Tarrant County Public Health. Also, please practice preventative measures (e.g. frequent hand-washing and social distancing), and do not engage in idle speculation about others concerning these matters.

Ministry Now: medical ministry with Dr. Rebekah Naylor

You don't have to have an M.D. to serve the medical needs of your community.

Last week on Ministry Now, we talked with Dr. Rebekah Naylor about medical ministry and meeting human needs in our communities, both long-term and during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Ministry Now is a resource from Southwestern Seminary, helping you live your calling in an ever-changing ministry landscape. Episodes air at 10am CT on Facebook and YouTube Premiere.

This week, we'll be meeting with David S. Dockery, talking about leading through crisis, weathering upheaval, and recovering from a disaster as a community.


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Campus News

FROM THE HILL: Queen discusses COVID-era evangelism strategies, Yarnell explains who ‘invented’ the Trinity

“From the Hill” is a regular series highlighting the work of The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s faculty. Check back here regularly to find articles, blogs, podcasts, interviews, and more.

  • Divine Whispers in a Day of Disease”, David S. Dockery (distinguished professor of theology, theologian-in-residence of the B.H. Carroll Center for Baptist Heritage and Mission, special consultant to the president, editor of the Southwestern Journal of Theology), contributor to BreakPoint symposium
  • The Extraordinary New Ordinary” (article on LifeWay Voices), by Katie J. McCoy, assistant professor of theology in women’s studies
  • COVID-19 Shouldn’t Stop Evangelism But May Change It” (article on Facts & Trends), by Matt Queen, L.R. Scarborough Chair of Evangelism, associate dean of the Roy J. Fish School of Evangelism and Missions, associate professor of evangelism

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Seminary presidents Greenway and Dew discuss leading in and beyond COVID-19

The presidents of two Southern Baptist Convention seminaries—Adam W. Greenway of The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Jamie Dew of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary—participated in a live Zoom chat on “leading in/beyond COVID-19” with hosts Matt Henslee and Kyle Bueermann of “Not Another Baptist Podcast,” May 28.

The two presidents, who were elected to their positions within three months of each other last year, reflected on lessons learned from the coronavirus pandemic, how to lead with wisdom and grace as things gradually return to normal, and what advice they would give students currently deciding whether to attend seminary online or in person this fall.

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Lott argues in new book for Christian perspective of Brahms’ ‘Requiem’

A new book by R. Allen Lott, professor of music history at The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, offers a new perspective to the scholarly consensus regarding the Christian nature of German composer Johannes Brahms’ famous piece, “A German Requiem.”

Published this month by University of Rochester Press, Brahms’s A German Requiem: Reconsidering its Biblical, Historical, and Musical Context refutes prevailing modern interpretations of Brahms’ masterpiece, composed between 1865 and 1868.

Lott says there has been a trend in scholarly commentary on Brahms’ “Requiem” that contends the composer presented an “intentionally vague” inclusive theology that is “deliberately written to accommodate any belief.” But Lott says his extensive research—as detailed in his book—proves the work’s Christian perspective on death, grief, and the afterlife.

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