Q: Where is the Human Resources office and what is the contact information if I need to correspond with someone in Human Resources?

A: Human Resources is located in:
Scarborough Hall, Room S-111.
The contact information is:
P.O. Box 22480, Fort Worth, Texas, 76122;
(817) 923-1921, ext. 6200, (817) 921-8754 Fax

Q: Must I interview for the position(s) for which I have applied?

A: Yes. Each applicant is required to interview with the appropriate supervisor in the area in which he or she has applied upon the request of each respective supervisor.

Q: May I apply early for on-campus employment?

A: Yes. Students may apply early for employment. You can simply note on the application the date you will be available to work.

Q: Does Southwestern have positions for skilled craftsman?

A: Yes. There is especially a need for skilled craftsman.

Q: Can I substitute my student employment pay for financial aid, compensating for my matriculation/student services fee?

A: No. Southwestern has no work/study program. Payment for on-campus employment is on a monetary basis. The exception occurs if the student or student’s spouse is hired as a full-time employee on campus. The employee is then eligible for the educational benefit.