Southwestern Music Academy Policies and Forms

Quality Music Education in a Christian Setting

Southwestern Music Academy Policies and Forms

The polices and forms below are part of the registration process. Please view them prior to registering. You will be asked to sign and agree to these policies as part of the registration process.

Covid Safety and Health Guidelines

Safety and Health Guidelines for Southwestern Music Academy Lessons

Come to Lessons Symptom Free:

  1. Students must not display any symptoms of any illness, including but not limited to: fever, cough, vomiting, chills, loss of taste and smell.
  2. Students must not have been exposed to someone who has symptoms related to Covid-19 or has tested positive.
  3. If a student either contracts Covid-19 or is exposed to someone who has tested positive, please notify your student’s teacher.

Lesson Procedures:

  1. Teachers will meet students at the lower doors under the front stairs of the music building. They will return the student back to the doors at the end of the lessons.
  2. Siblings and friends not taking lessons are not allowed into the lessons.
  3. Parents are allowed to sit in the student lounge during lessons.
  4. Parents may attend the music lesson if the parent desires to do so.
  5. Bathrooms are available for students during lessons.

By signing this form, I am agreeing to follow these rules and procedures.

Media Release Form

Dear Parent,

Your child might be selected to represent  SMA/SWBTS in our media outlets. His/her picture or videos may be used in advertising for our academy through the use of print media such as brochures and fliers or through the SWBTS website and social media outlets. 

With your consent, the photographs or videos will be released to SMA/SWBTS to be used for these purposes. No fee, royalty, or other compensation will be given for the use of your child’s photograph. There is no term limit on the use of the picture.

Student’s names will not be used.

Attendance and Make-Up Policy

Schedules for private lessons are very tightly organized. We ask, therefore, that you make every effort to have your child at the private lesson for which he/she is scheduled and to arrive promptly. In the interest of safety, each child should be taken to and picked up directly from the teacher.

Make-up lessons are only given for lessons missed due to illness or family emergency. Please contact your teacher immediately to let them know your student will not be able to attend the lesson due to the illness or family emergency. Sports events, parties, or other extracurricular activities do not justify receiving a make-up lesson. If the teacher must miss for any reason, a make-up lesson will be scheduled.

SMA operates on a semester system (14 weeks), and no part of the tuition can be returned for students who drop in the middle of the semester.

Parent Visits Policy

Parents are welcome to visit their children’s private lessons. Parents are also encouraged to maintain close contact with the teacher and may call or email the teacher if questions arise. Your child’s progress is important to us, and we anticipate working together to provide your child with quality music education.

Tuition Policy

Tuition will be paid in full for the semester. A late fee of $30 per student per enrollment will be added after the due date listed for the semester. Payment amounts for each type of lesson are listed on

  1. Checks, money orders, or cashier’s checks made payable to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) can be placed in the lockbox located across the hall from Cowden Hall Rm 111. Please do NOT put cash in the lockbox.
  2. PayPal: When registering online, click the Pay Online button

Purchase of Music Policy

Parents will be informed by the teacher when the student needs new music. The name and level of the book(s) will be given. The parents will be responsible for purchasing the required books in a timely fashion. Online possibilities include: amazon, sheet music plus, or direct from the publisher.

Practice Expectations Policy

Musical study is the development of both aural and physical skills. Regular and adequate practice time is crucial. Beginning students should practice twenty minutes a day, 5 days a week. Practice should quickly be increased as skills develop, adding at least 10 minutes per year studied, for 5-6 days a week.

Practice time also includes assigned theory worksheets or pages in a theory book.