Southwestern Music Academy Student Opportunities

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Southwestern Music Academy Student Opportunities

Recitals and Performances

Two formal End-of-Semester recitals for students are planned for December and May. In addition there are more casual performance opportunities such as “Anything Goes Concert,” “Animal Concert,” “Worship Night,” and “Let’s Get Together: Ensemble Concert.” See the Semester Calendar for dates for these events.

Students showcase their diligent and hard work at these events. Family and friends love to see the accomplishments of the students and enjoy the music-making.

First Year Group Classes

Academy students are encouraged to enhance their applied study with attendance at periodic group classes. Included in the tuition, theory and ear training review classes are offered to students each semester. Three group classes are also given for First Year 1 and First Year 2 students. Given the solitary nature of applied study, these fun and inspiring sessions have proven to be very motivational to our academy students as they foster a sense of community.

SMA Contests

The Academy offers two competitions for our students. In the fall, we hold a “Theory Challenge” where students see who can complete the most theory pages in just one month. In the spring, a “Creative Composition Contest” allows our students to display their talents at making their own music. Both contests have prizes for winners.

MTNA Events

Teachers at SMA are members of the Music Teacher National Association. Through this association, their students have many opportunities to participate in performances, competitions, and theory exams. Joining in these events allows students the opportunity to expand their musical skills. See Calendar of Events for these dates. Nominal fees may accompany these activities.

The Royal Conservatory of Music

As a Founding School of the Royal Conservatory of Music program, the academy offers a phenomenal opportunity for students to excel in their music studies by preparing and taking these yearly graded assessments. Performing before a visiting, nationally-trained adjudicator, students will receive invaluable written critiques, as well as numerical scores which will help chart their progress against music students from across the country. This program assures a balanced course of study, including technical skills, sight-reading skills, and theory.