Justin Hiester

Assistant Professor of Missions and Islamic Studies
Director of Scarborough Missions

Justin Hiester


817-923-1921 x5815



Ph.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2016; M.Div., Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary, Amman, Jordan, 2007; Certificate of Graduation, Kelsey Arabic Language School Amman, Jordan, 2004; Distinguished Graduate, United States Air Force Squadron Officer School, Montgomery, AL, 1997; BS in Meteorology, Texas A & M University, College Station, TX, 1992

For approximately ten years Justin Hiester served as a United States Air Force pilot (USAF). Justin spent the latter half of his USAF service commitment in the Middle East (ME) where the Lord introduced him to the Arab people. This unique experience led Justin and his family to live and minister to the Arab people in the ME for eight more years. The last four years Justin has helped lead the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention (SBTC) to train churches how to reach Muslims.

Justin feels called to not only personally make a difference for Christ among Muslim peoples, but also to devote himself to training others who are also called towards Missions or Islamic Studies. In particular, Justin desires to develop biblically sound missiological practices, mentor people in cross-cultural evangelism, teach the Arabic language, and study Islamic theology for the purpose of equipping Christians to effectively interact with Muslims’ beliefs.

Justin is married to Cindy, and they have three children: Samuel, Hannah, and Caleb. They are active members of Southcliff Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas.

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