Stephen Mizell

Assistant Professor of Humanities

Stephen Mizell


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Ph.D. in Philosophy of Religion, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, May 2014; M.A. in Christian Ethics, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2008; M.Div. with Advanced Biblical Studies, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2008; B.A. in Biblical Studies and B.A. in the History of Ideas, Southeastern College at Wake Forest, 2004

Stephen Mizell serves as Assistant Professor of Humanities at Scarborough College where he enjoys journeying with students (many for the first time) through the great authors and ideas that have shaped the Western world. Through that journey, he hopes to instill in students a desire for intellectual and moral excellence in their walk with Christ, to uproot prejudice for novelty by pointing out to students the value of what is old, and to help students sift through the competing and, at times, contradictory ideas that they encounter by reminding them that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. His goal is to help better equip the church with individuals that have integrity of mind and conduct and the ability to respond well and biblically to the ideas and challenges facing Christianity.

Although he likes to think of himself as somewhat of a dilettante, Professor Mizell’s area of competence is in philosophy of religion and ethics. His main area of interest is in the subject of free will, especially as it relates to determinism, moral responsibility, the notion of abilities/powers, and (as it relates specifically to Christianity) the effects of sin on the will. Other areas of interest include metaphysics, virtue theory, the notion of forgiveness, and the problem of evil. In addition, Professor Mizell holds a Master of Arts in Ethics and a Master of Divinity with Advanced Biblical Studies from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and the History of Ideas from Southeastern College at Wake Forest.

Professor Mizell hails from the two-traffic-light, rural town of Callahan near the Florida-Georgia line—a town to which he often looks back nostalgically since he is a Southern boy at heart. Despite missing regular helpings of good cornbread, Vidalia onions, and green boiled peanuts, which can only be found in the Deep South, he and his wife (also a Florida native) now call Texas their home and live in Fort Worth with their three daughters Chloe, Brooke, and Kathryn. They worship at Birchman Baptist Church where Professor Mizell plays saxophone in the orchestra.

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