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Here, ministry begins the day you walk onto campus.

Ministry Begins Now

We’ll walk alongside you.

At Southwestern Seminary, ministry begins now. The church needs leaders with deep theological knowledge and hands-on ministry experience. Here, you’ll get both. If you’re called to take the next step, there’s no better place to start.

“The chief concern of the church and its ministry should be the salvation of men. This concern should not be localized nor nationalized. It should extend to all places and to all men. It should be as broad as the world and as wide as humanity.”

B.H. Carroll
Founder and First President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

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Oct 6
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Wakefield uses biblical counseling skills learned at Southwestern to create a safe haven for women

Oct 5
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Southwestern Seminary text-driven preaching workshop mines the treasures of Ephesians

Oct 5
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Seminary community gathers for prayer for God’s mercy, favor

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Jenifer Wakefield learned many valuable things at #SWBTS that continue to help her in her ministry role at @ghbcAustin and leading @RanchTX, a ministry that helps women ages 18-65 who are impacted by crisis and addiction.

More than 50 pastors, staff members, students, and Bible study leaders gathered Oct. 3 for a preaching workshop at #SWBTS, gleaning insights from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians.

We have committed to meeting and praying for #SWBTS, students, faculty, and staff over the coming days and months. Would you join us in that task as we seek the Lord and His guidance in the days ahead?

Heeding the call to prayer for God’s mercy and favor issued by Interim President @davidsdockery, #SWBTS and @TXBaptCollege faculty, staff, and students gathered for the first of many scheduled prayer gatherings for the seminary and college community.

RESCHEDULED: This Center for Writing Excellence workshop will happen tomorrow morning at 10am. Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your research paper writing.

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