Dear Southwesterner:

“Preach the Word. Reach the Word.” These words are more than a motto and slogan. They epitomize the very basis of who we are at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The institution that you now call home possesses a historic past of gospel proclamation and, with God’s help, we will continue forward in this task today.

Southwestern has much to offer you, and I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities laid before you. The events and activities that we provide through our Office of Student Life are designed with an end in mind. We want you to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18). Furthermore, we desire for you to cultivate life-long relationships that will sustain you for a lifetime of ministry.

My objective as Southwestern’s Dean of Students is to ensure your academic success, spiritual growth, and campus involvement. Further, I want to help you connect with a church as God launches you into Christian service. You will have struggles along the way. At times you will want to quit. But, keep the end in mind. Jesus is Lord. Your calling is real. A lost world waits to hear the good news you have to offer. You’ve been tasked to proclaim the unsearchable riches of Christ (Ephesians 3:8). Therefore, give the next few years to study. A call to ministry is a call to prepare.

As our Vice President for Student Services, Dr. Kyle Walker, says, “We want to serve you the way you will serve the church.” Please let us know how we can best serve you. I pray the next few years at Southwestern will be some of life’s best.

Daniel Dickard
Dean of Students

Student Life Team

Student Life team (left to right): Gabriel Revilla, Chan Lee, Oliver Thomas, Callie Barber, Daniel Nease, Collin Hain, Phillip Box, Kathy Grace Robinson, Emily Dewerse, Cameron Bowman, Courtney Klein, Matthew Wilbanks, Corbin Wadkins

Residential Life Team

Residential Life team (left to right): (Far Back), Kenneth Turner, Christian Rowland, Caden Farr, Matthew Munlin, Garrison & Braiden Griffith (Dorm Parents), Jenna Pickering, Lydia Che, Elizabeth Palmer, Bryan & Allison Bogue (Dorm Parents)