Prayer on Seminary Hill

Friends of Southwestern Seminary, thank you so much for partnering with us in prayer.

- David S. Dockery, president

Prayer Requests from the Deans

Continued prayer for our several students from Myanmar, who have families in an oppressive and antagonistic regime.

Prayer for Chris Osborne's continued recovery.

Prayer for our students who have suffered loss, especially miscarriages.

Prayer for our Administrative Staff in Academics.

Spiritual unity and shalom among the faculty as we dedicate ourselves equipping Kingdom leaders for the churches.

Spiritual fruit and numerical success with two upcoming conferences: our Biblical Counseling Conference (April 4-5) and Heart of a Child Conference (April 5-6).

Please pray for effective and God-honoring recitals and worship projects for many of our students presenting this semester.

Please pray for continued Holy Spirit-guidance concerning music selection and the worship for the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in Indianapolis. Our Cowden Hall Band and Southwestern A Cappella will be leading all of the worship sessions for the Convention.

Please pray that our SCMW students will finish the semester strong and that they would be encouraged in their development as musicians, worship leaders, and followers of Christ.

Please pray for our SCMW faculty and their families.

Please pray for our Seminary Music Academy (SMA) and Mrs. Donna Hopson (director) that the academy will continue to grow and develop young musicians in their musical skills and love for the Lord Jesus.

Pray for all the new outreach opportunities as our students, staff, and faculty go out each week into the community to share the gospel. Pray especially for those who are doing so for the first time and may be feeling intimidated.

Pray for all the students in the 2+ Program who are serving with the IMB around the world.

Pray for encouragement and protection for those in our Mandarin, Spanish and Portuguese programs. Many are in isolated and/ or persecution contexts.    

Pray that TBC students would grow and serve as members of local churches.

Pray that TBC students would endure well through the semester, working for the Lord and not for man.

Two TBC students will spend the fall semester in an unreached country working with the IMB. Please pray for them as they prepare for their trip by raising funds and learning a new language, pray also for their physical and spiritual health as they prepare to leave. Pray that God would prepare the hearts of all the people they will meet.

Pray that TBC students would build relationships, learn, and grow in the Lord at various TBC events throughout the semester. Also pray for the TBC faculty and staff as they plan/coordinate these events.

Pray as we represent Southwestern at the Women's Expo at the SBC annual meeting in Indianapolis. Pray this is a fruitful time of sharing all that God is doing at Southwestern.

Pray that we make meaningful connections with prospective female students at the convention.

Continue to pray for our recent female graduates as many are transitioning to new places to live and to serve.

Chapel Prayer
Rotunda Prayer

Departmental Prayer Requests

Chapel Prayer (Vance Pitman)

Admissions & Enrollment

  • Please pray that the Lord grants us the wisdom to responsibly steward our resources in a way that honors God during the recruitment process.
  • Pray for the success of the upcoming SWBTS Preview Day.
  • Retention numbers look very positive for Spring 2024. God has watched over our school and our students with such a strong and steady hand. Pray for our team as they travel to recruiting events, asking that they may represent Christ and our institution effectively.
  • That God would continue to place a love and a drive in our student’s hearts to continue in their courses and programs. 
  • That the institution would continue to pour steadfastly in the lives, education, and ministry of our students. 
  • The offices, faculty, and staff would continue to work cohesively with one another to see students thrive and retention/persistence rates hold steady or even rise. 
  • That students would feel comfortable talking with the necessary offices when they need help or they feel discouraged.
  • That offices and faculty can continue to walk along students in and out of the classroom in a way that blesses, encourages, and causes the students to thrive.

Online Learning

  • Encouragement for our online students as they seek to finish their spring terms well in the midst of other demands and responsibilities.
  • For continued meaningful connection between faculty and students. That God would bless these relationships and conversations for the good of his kingdom.
  • For wisdom for the online learning committee as they are working diligently this semester to support our online programs.
  • For encouragement for our teaching assistants who serve our faculty and students so well.
  • The God would bless our summer course enrollments for our intensive and 8-week courses.

Student Life

  • Pray for wisdom as we finalize our Student Life Internship Team. These students will work to mobilize others to share the gospel, invest in others, and create purposeful community on campus through events and different ministry opportunities.
  • Pray for our Ministry Opportunities during April. We will be on three different campuses sharing the gospel with students, some of whom come from unreached nations. Ask that the Lord will work through SWBTS/TBC students to reach these students. We have groups that go out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday every week. We also have a special opportunity to share with international students from many different countries on the afternoon of April 17th.
  • Also pray for the 18 students who have made professions of faith because of these outings. Pray they would get rooted and grow in the Lord (Col 2:6-7).
  • Pray our final events on campus will be fun and encouraging for students during a stressful time of the year.

Residence Life & Housing

  • Gracious God, we lift up our graduating residents: celebrating the milestones they have achieved and the growth they have experienced under Your guiding hand. As they embark on new journeys, we ask for Your continued presence and guidance.
  • Heavenly Father, we lift up our team as they diligently study, work, and seek ways to serve students within the mission of Southwestern. May the presence of Christ be evident in our daily endeavors.
  • Lord, we intercede for residents facing challenges in their home lives, those dealing with sickness and other difficulties. Grant them strength and wisdom, offering solace and divine intervention in their time of need.

International Student Services

  • All International Students awaiting Visa’s for themselves and for family members.
  • Those whose home countries are facing war and the effects those conflicts are having on our students here; whether it is their family still in the country or financial hardship.
  • Several international students are facing personal medical issues.
  • Christian Betts and his family amidst their move and life changes.
  • The ISS as it undergoes changes and the staff as we all acclimate to a new normal.

Alumni Engagement

  • Pray for our alumni who are preparing for a variety of summer activities within their ministries. Specifically, pray that they would have endurance to press on during what we know is typically a busy season.
  • Pray for endurance for our alumni who are experiencing the burdens that often come with a life dedicated to ministry. Pray that the Lord would remind them of their calling and renew their spirit as they minister to those around them.
  • Pray for those alumni who are experiencing health challenges themselves and within their families.

Constituent Relations

  • Pray for our churches to experience genuine and lasting revival
  • Pray for each of our denominational entities to experience a unity of vision
  • Pray for our state conventions and local associations to serve churches of all sizes with prayerful wisdom
  • Pray that all of our SBC family will commit to fulfilling the Great Commission and practicing the Great Commandment.
  • Pray that God to call and raise up more pastors, particularly for churches with less than 200 members
  • Pray for Southwestern to intentionally, faithfully and effectively encourage pastors with small congregations
  • Pray for Dr. Mann as he mentors pastors across the south and southwest

Download Prayer Reminders

Click here to download a free wallpaper for desktop or mobile device, featuring our current theme Scripture passage for prayer on Seminary Hill:

"Rejoice always, pray constantly, give thanks in everything; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus" (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).


Thank you.

We are so grateful for your partnership in prayer.