An expansion of Going the Second Mile, the Everyday Evangelism initiative advances Southwestern’s evangelistic focus beyond a specific geographical area by encouraging students to share the Gospel wherever they are with whomever they meet. Formally, this means doing evangelism both inside and outside the two-mile radius of campus, including nearby parks and universities. Informally, this means fostering a consistent evangelistic lifestyle in every Southwesterner. 

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Weekly Evangelism Opportunities - Spring 2020

Day Time Leader Place to Meet Contact
Every third Monday of the month        
Cross-Cultural Evangelism 2-5pm Dr. Ray and WMC Staff WMC (M-108) 
817.923.1921 ext. 7500
Door-to-Door Evangelism 11:30am-12:30pm Dr. Matthew McKellar Rotunda 
817.923.1921 ext. 4012
Texas Wesleyan
University Evangelism
3:30-5:30pm Dr. Dean Sieberhagen Mathena Hall Lobby 
817.923.1921 ext. 6440
Stadium Drive Baptist Church 4:20-5:30pm

Mr. Brandon Key


Scarborough College Evangelism 4-5pm Dr. Carl Bradford MH-217
817.923.1921 ext. 6420
Door-to-Door Evangelism 4-6pm Dr. Matt Queen MH-318A
817.923.1921 ext. 6480
  4-6pm Dr. Charles Stewart MH-318A
  4-6pm Dr. Mark Leeds MH-318A
817.923.1921 ext. 3038

Southwayside Baptist Church

5:40-7pm Pastor Ruben Martinez Rotunda
  5:40-7pm Ms. Jong Lee Rotunda
Rosemont Park
3-5pm Dr. Mike Morris Mathena Hall
817.923.1921 ext. 6470