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Caring for the buildings, grounds, and community of Seminary Hill.

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The Facilities Maintenance Department exists to support the training of individuals who are engaging in Christian ministry by constructing, operating and maintaining campus facilities, housing, and utility infrastructure, as well as providing clean, safe and welcoming surroundings conducive to working, living, and learning.

Facilities Maintenance is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the seminary campus. Our small “city” includes approximately 440 student housing units and approximately 900,000 square feet of space used for offices, classrooms, conferences, recreation and other functions.

The Facilities Maintenance department is housed in the Leitch Physical Plant Facility, named for James R. Leitch, who directed maintenance activities on the campus from 1954 to 1987. The address is 2101 Yates Street.


Facilities Maintenance is composed of uniquely gifted men and women united behind a desire to create and maintain facilities which foster an environment for equipping students for service in God’s kingdom. What we do can be summed up in three major areas:

  • We maintain nearly one million square feet of building space, which support a wide range of activities at Southwestern. This naturally includes offices and classrooms, but also includes such diverse offerings as dormitory living space, hotel and conference space, two full-service kitchens, a large swimming pool, and three auditoriums with stage facilities. We maintain all the utilities serving these buildings as well.
  • In addition to our campus buildings, our department maintains approximately 440 housing units for students. We work very hard at creating a welcoming first impression for new students, and strive to provide quality maintenance for all our tenants while they call the seminary their home.
  • We are also responsible for maintenance of a large fleet of vehicles, including service trucks, staff cars, golf carts, landscaping equipment, and other specialized equipment.
  • We work to provide an urban oasis for faculty, staff, students, and visitors. Our main campus features a park-like setting with over 900 trees of varying species, flowering shrubs, and pockets of seasonal color. Our intention is to provide green spaces that can be “discovered” along the way to your destination. We maintain several water features and have four donor-provided garden areas designed to foster interaction with others and a sense of meditation and contemplation. Our housing areas feature playgrounds for children and a walking trail.


  • We are dedicated to correcting problems reported to us and in the process, hopefully extend the useful life of our property. A convenient online maintenance request form is available below for reporting maintenance needs of campus and housing properties.
  • Maintenance Service Requests
  • A campus like ours is constantly undergoing changes. These may be big and visual, such as construction of a new building, or more subtle like changing carpet or other finishes. Quite often a project will become more complex than what initially might be envisioned. We understand the importance of thinking globally, which means taking all criteria into consideration, such as building code, fire code, ergonomics, teaching technologies, and how the space may be experienced by those with disabilities. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with multiple stakeholders on projects to help ensure a well-thought-out end product that works well today and into the foreseeable future.
  • Southwestern Facilities has a longstanding desire to be good stewards of all our resources. The energy efficiency of our facilities has been improved by retrofitting existing campus lighting with LED. We continue to look for ways to implement new technologies as they become available such as the installation of a new building automation system in all campus buildings to enhance electrical utility conservation. Partnered with the City of Fort Worth, we conducted a campus wide water usage study to identify areas for improving efficiencies in water waste and consumption. The beautiful campus on Seminary Hill is recognized for its parklike grounds covered with hundreds of mature trees and gardens designed with a mixture of drought tolerant plants and flowers.

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All Service Requests: swbts.edu/repairs

Urgent (safety/emergency): 817-921-8454

Questions and comments: facilities@swbts.edu