SWBTS Police Department

Serving and protecting the seminary campus and the community

The mission of Southwestern Seminary Police Department is to serve and protect the campus community with professionalism, vigilance, and a servant’s heart. Dedicated and trustworthy at all times, we will continually strive to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God.

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The Southwestern Seminary Police Department is responsible for the safety and security of Southwestern Seminary and Texas Baptist College students, staff, faculty, and visitors. SWBTS Police Officers are sworn police officers commissioned through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE).

SWBTS Police Officers provide special services unique to our campus setting. The department operates 24/7, 365 days a year. Professional Dispatchers in the dispatch center monitor the campus by means of closed circuit television and other alarm monitoring systems. SWBTS Dispatchers are equipped to ensure the dispatch of police officers and/or other appropriate personnel in response to calls for service.

Report Concerning Behavior

Southwestern has a Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) in place to help all members of the Southwestern & Texas Baptist College community deal with any form of concerning behavior.

Concerning behavior may be most simply defined as any type of threatening or intimidating behavior which causes another person to be concerned for that person’s well-being or the well-being of another.

The goal of Southwestern’s BIT is to address concerning behavior utilizing a fact-based approach to assess and if necessary, implement an integrated plan of action.  The BIT utilizes available resources to alleviate and/or mitigate any concerning behavior to the benefit of the individual and the entire Southwestern and Texas Baptist College community.

The BIT is comprised of the Associate Vice President for Human Resources, Dean of Students, Dean of Women, Chief of Campus Police, and Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services.

To report concerning behavior you may contact any of these individuals directly.  You may also send an email to BIT@swbts.edu.

In an emergency, please call Campus Police directly at 817 921-8888.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Southwestern’s BIT please do not hesitate to contact any of the listed team members.

Parking and Vehicle Services

In order to ensure the safety and security of our campus, all students, faculty, staff, and employees must register their vehicles with Parking and Vehicle Services.


Due to an update to the Campus Police software, the campus parking permit system will experience a temporary shutdown starting July 1. During this transition period before the new system is in place, Campus Police will not be able to issue new permits.

Current parking permits are valid until July 31, but new permit sales will commence on August 1. A grace period will be implemented to facilitate the transition, ending August 30. Any questions regarding this update can be directed to the Campus Police Department.

Prepared Assist

Built by the company Prepared, Prepared Assist enables our 9-1-1 dispatch center to livestream, text, and translate texts (in 140+ languages) from mobile callers in real-time.

Participation in video during a call is completely voluntary and consent of the caller is required. If the caller consents, they will receive a livestream link via text from the dispatcher, enabling them to activate live video upon click. Texting can begin once the dispatcher sends you a text, at which point in time any text you send in reply to them can be automatically translated if it is one of the 140+ languages that the platform can process. Video call and text functions do not provide Campus Dispatch with access to the contents or settings of a caller’s phone.

RAVE Alert System

Severe Weather Resources and Emergency Procedures

Below you will find information regarding severe weather and SWBTS emergency procedures.

ID Cards

Citation Appeals

If you believe you have received a citation or fine in error, then please appeal the citation as soon as you are able.

Lost & Found



We are here to keep our faculty, staff, students, and employees safe and protected, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns regarding campus safety.

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817-921-8888 (or 8888 from any campus phone)