Certificate in Church Revitalization

Certificate in Church Revitalization

This certificate is conducted through Southwestern’s Center for Church Revitalization at the adult education level.

The length of study is two (2) years. Program courses will be offered on a rotation which may be completed in up to 24 months. Each course requires 2-days of class room study, plus additional hours for course preparation and course completion. Courses will be held over the course of 2-consecutive day period; either Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Friday, or Friday-Saturday, insuring pastors do not miss Sunday or Wednesday responsibilities at their respective church. The final project is to be submitted to the Center of Church Revitalization; the director will assign grading the final project to professors involved in the revitalization center and approve final completion of the certificate.  

Certified consultants become candidates to assist nationally with the center for church revitalization.

Cost: $2,400 (entire certificate) 
Individual course cost: $500 (non-certificate seeking participants) 

Course TitleCourse NumberHRS

Introduction to Church RevitalizationCHVIT 10033
Preaching and Worship in RevitalizationCHVIT 10133
Revitalization and the Great CommissionCHVIT 10233
Leadership and Pastoral Ministry in RevitalizationCHVIT 10333
Contextualized Strategic Planning in Church RevitalizationCHVIT 10433