Certificate in Professional Missions

Roy J. Fish School of Evangelism and Missions

Certificate in Professional Missions

Gain a strong biblical foundation for missions in your community and around the world.

This certificate provides ministers and lay leaders with the tools needed to serve well through missions work and mission trips.

Certificate Highlights

  • 20-21 hours
  • Includes Business as Missions training
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Certificate Courses

Biblical HermeneuticsBIBST 32033
Old Testament I or IIOLDTS 3313 or 33233
New Testament I or IINEWTS 3313 or 33233
Systematic Theology I, II, or IIISYSTH 3053 or 3063 or 30733
Introduction to MissiologyMISSN 33633
Human Needs Ministry and Church
Planting or Business as Missions
MISSN 5443
MISSN 4433
Practicum CoursesAPLEV 3201 and higher2-3

Total Hours

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