Master of Arts (Theology)

School of Theology

Master of Arts (Theology)

Advanced work in the classical theological disciplines

Prepares students to pursue an academic ministry in the classical theological disciplines.

Degree Highlights

  • 50 hours
  • Thesis and non-thesis tracks available

The Master of Arts (Theology) is a graduate level degree offering advanced work in the classical theological disciplines.

The degree prepares students to pursue an academic ministry in one of these disciplines. Since the degree does not include courses outside of the classical theological disciplines, those called to local church ministry should pursue the Master of Divinity.


Student Testimonial

Entrance Requirements


The student must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university with a minimum GPA of 3.0. The student’s undergraduate degree must include courses in the following subject areas:

Biblical Hermeneutics 3
Survey of the Old Testament 3-6*
Survey of the New Testament 3-6*
Greek or Hebrew (three semesters of one language) 9
Survey of Systematic Theology 6-9*
Survey of Church History 3-6*
Philosophy of Religion 3

*Undergraduate survey courses must cover the entire subject (for example, all of the Old Testament) in at least six hours as noted above. Prerequisites courses must be completed with a B- or better.

Admitted students who have not satisfied the prerequisites must do so at the beginning of the program.

New applicants to the seminary should indicate the desire to pursue the M.A.Th. on application materials. Current Southwestern students should fill out a Degree Change Form available in the Registrar’s Office and include an explanation of the reasons for pursuing the M.A.Th.

Degree Requirements

The 50-hour degree includes courses in Spiritual Formation, Biblical Languages, Biblical Studies, Theological Studies, and Ethics and Philosophical Studies. Students use elective hours to pursue a concentration and/or to complete an optional thesis. For concentration requirements please see the M.Div. concentrations in the Southwestern Catalog.

In addition to the two hours of required Spiritual Formation, only advanced courses from Biblical Studies, Theological Studies, and Ethics and Philosophical Studies apply toward the degree.

Biblical Studies
Biblical Languages IHEBRW/GREEK language not studied for prerequisite9
Biblical Languages IIHEBRW/GREEK same language studied for prerequisite3
Biblical Hermeneutics or Biblical TheologyBIBST 3203 or BIBST/BIBTH3
Biblical Studies Electives6
Theological Studies 
Baptist HeritageBPTST 32033
Systematic Theology ISYSTH 30533
Theological Studies Electives6
Ethics and Philosophical Studies 
Ethics and Philosophical Studies ElectiveETHIC/PHILO3
Additional Requirements 
Spiritual FormationSPFRM 30222
Free Electives/Concentration Hours 
Free Electives*SPFRM 302212

Total Hours

*Concentrations in New Testament, Old Testament, Theological Studies, Ethics, Philosophical Studies, and Women’s Studies are available on the Fort Worth campus. Six hours of electives may also be used for modern language study. For information on the M.A.Th. in Bonn, Germany, see below.

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