Master of Divinity with a Concentration in Worship Leadership

School of Church Music and Worship

Master of Divinity with a Concentration in Worship Leadership

Training leaders in musical excellence and ministry experience

The Master of Divinity with a Concentration in Worship Leadership (MDivWL) combines robust theological study with competency-based skill development in the areas of music and worship.

Degree Highlights:

  • MDivWL available residentially with theology classes available residentially and online
  • 86 hours
  • Includes biblical, theological, Great Commission, and educational ministry studies
  • Prepares for church leadership

At Southwestern Seminary, ministry training includes both classroom learning and hands-on experience. Because of this, all students in the School of Church Music and Worship are required to minister in the music program of a local church or organization during the time they are enrolled in their degree programs.



Entrance Requirements

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Students must demonstrate basic competencies in the following areas: applied instrument or voice, conducting, music history, and music theory and musicianship. These competencies may be demonstrated by transcript evidence, completion of an undergraduate degree in music or the equivalent, and/or by placement examinations. If needed, all leveling courses may be completed through the School of Church Music and Worship.


MDivWL students must maintain an overall grade point average of 2.00.

Time Limit

The degree must be completed within a period of seven years from the time of admission. Extensions may be granted to students who are serving in an international mission field.

Degree Requirements

Biblical Studies  
Old Testament IOLDTS 33133
Old Testament IIOLDTS 33233
New Testament INEWTS 33133
New Testament IINEWTS 33233
Biblical Hebrew IHEBRW 43133
Biblical Greek IGREEK 33133
Greek or Hebrew IIGREEK 3323 or HEBRW 43233
Biblical HermeneuticsBIBST 32033
Theological Studies  
Systematic Theology ISYSTH 30533
Systematic Theology IISYSTH 30633
Systematic Theology IIISYSTH 30733
Spiritual FormationSPFRM 30222
Baptist HeritageBPTST 32033
Great Commission and Educational Ministry Studies  
Christian LeadershipEDMIN 30433
Contemporary Evangelism or Introduction to MissiologyEVANG 3303 or MSSN 33636
Select two: 6
Strategies for Disciple-makingEDMIN 3053 
Introduction to Expository Preaching * (WOMST 4043 Introduction to Expository Teaching)PRCHG 3313 * 
Principles of Biblical CounselingCNSLN 3203 
Biblical Anthropology & DiscipleshipEDMIN 3003 
Foundations for Bible TeachingEDMIN 3033 
Family Ministry and the ChurchEDMIN 3063 

Total Hours

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