Research Doctoral Studies

Research Doctoral Studies

The purpose of Research Doctoral Studies at Southwestern Seminary is to develop and deploy lifelong scholar-innovators for critical and creative Kingdom engagement in the church, the academy, and the public square.

The PhD program is a rigorous, focused course of study that prepares individuals of exceptional academic ability for careers in teaching, research, and writing and for various roles of leadership such as pastoral ministry, chaplaincy, or denominational leadership. Each PhD program helps students gain expertise in one of the disciplines taught by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. PhD study requires a high degree of originality, independence, analytical research in both biblical and non-biblical languages, judgment, and skill in articulating research findings, resulting in each student significantly contributing to a particular field.

The DMA program is a rigorous, terminal research degree that emphasizes the advanced development of both musical artistry and scholarly achievement in an applied area of specialization. Students in this area have demonstrated exceptional academic and musical abilities and are now preparing for careers in music teaching, performance, church music, and research.

The EdD program is designed to equip scholar-practitioners to solve educational or leadership problems through research, collaboration, and dissemination of new knowledge. Students in the EdD program will be prepared to set a high standard for transformational leadership in education, apply evidence-based practices to improve educational outcomes, and meet the vast challenges associated with improving learning outcomes in both theological and secular educational environments.

Meet the Director

Joshua Williams - Small

Joshua Williams

Dr. Williams serves as associate professor of Old Testament in the School of Theology and director of Research Doctoral Studies. For him, teaching, especially teaching the Bible, is relational and transformational. Dr. Williams imparts himself to the student, and the student is changed in some way (attitudes, values, character, competence, etc.), not just through the impartation of content but through the honest attempt to wrestle with God’s Word.

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Application Deadlines

  • Fall Matriculation: Applications due January 31
  • Spring Matriculation: Applications due August 31
  • EdD: Applications due Jan 31st

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