Registrar Enrollment/Graduation Verification Form


  • Verification Details

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • If you have a specific form that needs to be filled out, you may also notify us of this by e-mailing the form to It is not necessary to fill out this form if you send a form via e-mail.


  • Processing Time: 3-5 business days or less.

    Requests will be honored as quickly as possible in the order of receipt. During peak periods there will be some delay.

    The enrollment status guidelines of Southwestern Seminary are as follows:    

                                       Graduate Students           Undergraduate Students
    Full-time                     9 hours & above               12 hours & above
    3/4 time                      7-8 hours                          9-11 hours
    ½ time                        5-6 hours                          6-8 hours
    less than ½ time         1-4 hours                          1-5 hours

    All currently enrolled doctoral students are considered full-time
    Students on probation enrolled in 6 hours are considered full-time


  • By Initialing above, I hereby give permission for SWBTS/Office of the Registrar to release my information as directed.