COVID-19 Task Force Update, March 4, 2021

COVID-19 Task Force
| Mar 4, 2021

In light of Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to remove the statewide facemask mandate and other COVID restrictions, effective March 10, and the subsequent announcement of Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley to immediately lift the county facemask mandate, we wanted to briefly communicate with you about how we will proceed on this matter at Southwestern Seminary and Scarborough College.

With these announcements coming in the middle of the semester, the seminary administration has made the decision to leave all COVID protocols in place for the rest of the semester so that careful and deliberate steps can be taken to return to pre-COVID campus operations at some point later in the year. While we are grateful for the opportunity to look forward to normalcy, we also want to be respectful of those in our community who live with a greater risk to their health because of the coronavirus, which remains a significant threat to some.

We ask all in the community to continue to wear facemasks in public gatherings and in public spaces, to observe social distancing, and to regularly wash their hands to limit the spread of the virus. Please refer to the current COVID protocols and other helpful information available on the website. We will issue further guidance later in the year.

The task force stands ready to answer any questions regarding this matter.

- COVID19 Task Force