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Faculty claims second straight softball win

Faculty claims second straight softball win

Julie Owens
| Apr 17, 2018

Consistent hitting helped faculty members claim bragging rights and a second consecutive victory as they won Southwestern Seminary’s third annual faculty-student Softball Showdown, April 12. The final score was 18-7.

Professors, students, families and seminary staff consumed hot dogs and soft drinks at the RAC Intramural Field, cheering on the teams during six innings of play dominated by faculty batters, who took home another win after their 28-4 defeat of the students last year and retained bragging rights for next year, while students again experienced the agony of loss.

The faculty scored first, pulling in three runs in the first inning. While the students scored two runs in the bottom of the first, the faculty continued to dominate scoring for the rest of the game, piling on multiple runs each inning. Both teams struggled to get pitches over the plate in high winds.

Last year, the faculty scored run after run by slamming the ball high over the surrounding fences and out of playing reach. This year, however, a rule was imposed that any ball hit past the surrounding road and fence produced an automatic out. A no-stealing rule on bases was also instated.

Jordan Drake, Student Life coordinator and a Master of Theological Studies student, believes that the annual game is a great way for the students of Southwestern to get to know some of their professors a little better. “There was once a time when we were all children, and playing outside was one of the best ways to get to know new friends,” he says. “[The Softball Showdown] is similar to that because students get a chance to build relationships through friendly competition with the men and women who teach them in the classroom.”

“This is the heart of Student Life,” Drake adds. “We aim to create opportunities for relationships to be built up and discipleship to happen.”

Daniel Dickard, dean of students, echoes Drake’s assessment. “The softball game is an annual Southwestern tradition that promotes community and competition between students and faculty,” he says. “For a student to see his or her professor in a forum outside the classroom is invaluable to the spirit of the student body. This event is one of our favorite Southwestern traditions.”

“As students and faculty interact, it builds camaraderie,” he continues. “Such camaraderie produces genuine relationships between students and professors which, in turn, translates into classroom success. This event is a win for all.”