FROM THE HILL: Yang participates in BF&M Mandarin translation, Darling discusses engaging culture, and more



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“Challenge made to pastors, churches at Western KY. Evangelism Conference” (article on Kentucky Today), featuring Adam W. Greenway, president

  • “Pastors and churches were challenged to step out of their comfort zones, to shake off complacency and invite those who do not know Jesus Christ to accept Him as their Savior at the 34th annual Western Kentucky Evangelism Conference.”

“New BF&M 2000 Mandarin translation added to” (news story on Baptist Press), featuring Hongyi Yang, assistant professor of world Christianity, director of Chinese Language Program; Malcolm Yarnell, research professor of theology; Tamara J. Sánchez, adjunct professor

  • “A new Mandarin translation of the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, the official statement of beliefs of the Southern Baptist Convention, is now available in traditional and simplified scripts at”

“Special Report on Engaging Others Within Today’s Culture” (interview with TAB Media Group), featuring Dan Darling, director of Land Center for Cultural Engagement, assistant professor of faith and culture, TBC

  • “Dan Darling, director of the Land Center for Cultural Engagement at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary [. . .] joins Jennifer Rash and Margaret Colson from TAB Media Group to discuss engaging others within today’s culture.”

Why there is a shortage of student ministers and what can be done about it” (article on Baptist Press), featuring insight from Richard Ross, senior professor of student ministry

  • “Richard Ross has decades of experience when it comes to student ministry. And today, he’s observing a troubling trend.”

“An ‘Affair of Sausages’: Early evangelicals defended ‘Christian liberty’ during the season of Lent” (article on The Pathway), featuring comments from Malcolm Yarnell, research professor of theology

  • “By 1523, the Protestant revolt against the medieval Catholic church had taken hold across Europe, and evangelicals (that is, early Protestants) in the Swiss city of Basel celebrated Ash Wednesday like never before.”

“Reconciliation: God’s Mission through Missions for All” (panel discussion at the South Central meeting of the Evangelical Missiological Society), chaired by Dean Sieberhagen, associate professor of Islamic studies

  • “Globalism, along with massive migrations, interethnic and racial conflict, and rapid growth in secularism/atheism all contribute to polarization and heightened levels of conflict and the need for the church to work for justice, reconciliation and healing.”