Horsewoman finds true joy in Jesus

Alex Sibley


Every individual has a hole in his life that only Jesus can fill, says Sam Sorenson, a Master of Divinity student at Southwestern Seminary. People often attempt to fill this void with worldly pursuits, be it money, relationships or education, but all such efforts ultimately fail to yield true joy. True joy can only be derived from a relationship with Almighty God through the Savior Jesus Christ. 

Such is the lesson recently learned by Jennifer, a woman living in Montana. She bought a horse from Sorenson just over a year ago, and the two have kept in touch so that Jennifer could keep Sorenson updated on the horse’s status. Owning a horse was apparently a long-term dream of hers. 

“She has, on the outside, what many worldly people would want—money, land and freedom to live her horse dreams out,” Sorenson says. “However, I noticed how lonely she was and how she was using horses to fill that God hole in her life.”

When Sorenson moved to Fort Worth to begin taking classes at Southwestern earlier this semester, he let Jennifer know through their continuing correspondence that he was beginning seminary work. This sparked a religious conversation between the two. 

“She had some questions, but mostly she was looking for hope,” Sorenson says. “I was able to ask her about some of her fears and hopes and then share my testimony. … I shared about how I came to faith in Jesus and told her what He has done for me.”

Upon hearing of the void that had once existed in Sorenson’s life and how that void had been filled by Jesus, Jennifer realized that a void existed in her, as well. Though her dream of owning a horse had been fulfilled, she herself remained unfulfilled, and after hearing the Gospel message, she knew that she would remain so until she surrendered her life to Jesus. 

“I asked her if I could pray for her, and she said ‘yes,’” Sorenson says. “She prayed with me to accept Jesus.”

“She is the first one I have shared the Gospel with who has accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior,” Sorenson adds. “Praise the Lord.”

After hearing the news of Jennifer’s salvation, Sorenson’s evangelism professor, Matt Queen, joined him in celebrating: “Thank God for His glorious salvation!”

Indeed, through Sorenson’s witness, the “God hole” in Jennifer’s life had finally been filled; her worldly desires had taken their proper place; and now, as a citizen of the Kingdom of God, she can have true joy in her relationship with Almighty God through the Savior Jesus Christ.