Ordinary routine becomes God-orchestrated event

Katie Coleman

Evangelism is the heartbeat of Southwestern, so students know that even following ordinary routines can produce opportunities to win souls for Christ. As Master of Divinity student Daniel Moon followed his routine of walking home from class on Feb. 1, he happened to cross paths with Eddie, a 25-year-old blind man, at the entrance to the campus.

Eddie, having moved to Fort Worth in January, was unfamiliar with the area and needed assistance finding his way home. The walk to Eddie’s neighborhood provided Moon the opportunity to learn his background and eventually direct the conversation to church. Though Eddie had never been to church, he expressed interest in attending. Before parting ways, he and Moon exchanged phone numbers so he could join Moon the following Sunday at Southcliff Baptist Church.

On his way to church that Sunday with his wife and daughter, Moon gave Eddie a ride, and after the service, Moon invited him to join a group of fellow Southwestern students for lunch. Discussing the pastor’s sermon from John 1, Moon learned this was the first time Eddie had heard about the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Eddie then shared a dream he had recently, the purpose of which had finally become clear to him. In the dream, Eddie was walking on water and “a white light/being” told him to believe in him or else Eddie would die.

As Eddie related this to the group, Moon realized that the dream was strikingly similar to a passage of Scripture—specifically, the account of Jesus walking on water. Moon proceeded to read Matthew 14:22-33, noting that when Jesus calls Peter to join him, Peter initially does so but then gives in to fear and begins to sink. When Jesus catches him, he says, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”

“Eddie was very moved,” Moon recalls. “I told Eddie that Jesus wants him to take courage and take His hand and believe.”

Moon then gave a full Gospel presentation, and Eddie, moved by the Spirit, prayed to receive Christ. The group spent the rest of their time together praising God for orchestrating such a wonderful event—that in the midst of Moon’s ordinary routine of walking home from school, attending a Sunday morning worship service, and going out to a post-church lunch, God would extend his saving grace to a person in need of redemption.