“From the Hill” is a regular series highlighting the work of The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s faculty. Check back here regularly to find articles, blogs, podcasts, interviews, and more.

  • Baptists and the Christian Tradition: Toward an Evangelical Baptist Catholicity (book), with contributions from David S. Dockery (distinguished professor of theology, theologian-in-residence of the B.H. Carroll Center for Baptist Heritage and Mission, special consultant to the president, editor of the Southwestern Journal of Theology), W. Madison Grace II (associate professor of Baptist heritage, director of the Oxford Study Program), and Malcolm B. Yarnell III (research professor of theology)

“A series of essays advocating ‘Baptist catholicity.’ This approach presupposes a critical, but charitable, engagement with the whole church, both past and present, along with the desire to move beyond the false polarities of an Enlightenment-based individualism on the one hand and a pastiche of postmodern relativism on the other.”

“Includes chapters from 20 pastors and leaders in the U.S. written during this COVID-19 pandemic. The nearly 200 pages aim to capture what God is doing and what He is teaching us in this moment of crisis.”

“Today’s situation requires more than a statement, but certainly no less than a statement. As evangelical academic voices, we condemn racism as contrary to Scripture and to the evangelical gospel.”

“The transgender movement isn’t really just about gender. When you boil it down, it is a way of knowledge and relating to the world.”

  • The Baker Illustrated Bible Background Commentary (book), with contributions from Eric Mitchell (professor of Old Testament and biblical backgrounds) and Mark E. Taylor (associate dean of the School of Theology, professor of New Testament)

“While many Bible commentaries explain the theological meaning of the text, The Baker Illustrated Bible Background Commentary provides fascinating cultural and historical insights into God’s Word. Richly illustrated with full-color photos throughout, this one-volume background commentary includes articles by leading Old and New Testament scholars.”

“We share a common burden with our African-American neighbors, brothers and sisters concerning recent events. … This burden is increased by our calling as pastors and teachers within the Southern Baptist Convention, a denomination which began with the desire to defend slave-owners. Herein we are compelled to address our history, continuing racial injustice, and our biblical hope.”