Southwestern develops, releases free six-year curriculum for youth

Alex Sibley

Under the leadership of Professor of Student Ministry Richard Ross, more than 60 Southwestern Seminary faculty and students have created a six-year curriculum—available for free online—designed to train students grades 7-12 to become disciples of Christ. Named “Disciple6,” the curriculum encompasses nine topics for spiritual development, from apologetics and ethics to evangelism and missions. This curriculum is available for download at

“Our broken culture, the millions of lost in the U.S, and the unreached people groups globally demand that we develop true disciples,” Ross told the Southern Baptist TEXAN. “Yes, we need to offer biblical ministry to every teenager, regardless of spiritual condition or motivation. But every church absolutely must offer a place where those select [Christian] teenagers gather to truly become world-changing disciples. That is what we are missing today, and that is what we must begin to do—or all is lost.”

The Southern Baptist TEXAN reported on the development and release of this curriculum. Read the full story here