Southwestern Seminary adds three scholars to fill ‘key vacancies’

James A. Smith Sr. and Alex Sibley


A veteran Christian philosopher, an experienced biblical counselor, and the newly named executive director of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) have been appointed to the faculty of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, President Adam W. Greenway announced today.

Ted J. Cabal, a two-time Southwestern Seminary graduate and former faculty member, will serve as professor of philosophy of religion in the School of Theology. Lilly H. Park, a biblical counselor with teaching and ministry experience in church, parachurch, and academic settings, has been appointed associate professor of biblical counseling in the Terry School of Educational Ministries. Kenneth T. Magnuson, elected in May as ETS executive director, has been appointed professor of Christian ethics in the School of Theology to teach part-time and supervise students in the Doctor of Philosophy program. 

“It is another sign of God’s favor that these scholars are joining the faculty of Southwestern Seminary, filling key vacancies in core academic disciplines,” said Greenway. “Our students’ seminary experiences will be immeasurably enhanced by the contributions Drs. Cabal, Park, and Magnuson will make to our outstanding faculty.”

Cabal previously served on the faculties of Dallas Baptist University, Southwestern Seminary, and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he also served as the first dean of Boyce College, the institution’s undergraduate school. He has also served three churches as a pastor and has been an evangelist and church planter. 

A prolific writer, Cabal has published numerous scholarly articles, has edited several volumes—including serving as general editor of The Apologetics Study Bible—and co-authored Controversy of the Ages: Why Christians Should not Divide over the Age of the Earth. Additionally, Cabal has participated in debates on the Christian faith at various colleges and universities in the United States.

Cabal earned the Ph.D. from Southwestern Seminary in 1995, where he also earned the Master of Divinity. He is also a two-time graduate of Dallas Baptist University.

D. Jeffrey Bingham, dean of the School of Theology, “enthusiastically” welcomes him to the school’s faculty.

“He brings vast experience as a teacher and mentor as well as scholarly expertise in a Christ-centered approach to the subjects of philosophy, ethics, and apologetics,” said Bingham. “Our students are in for a real treat. In each class they take and in each conversation they have with Dr. Cabal, they will receive genuine, rich, trustworthy, and learned wisdom on how to think and live Christianly for today and tomorrow.”

Cabal said he is “deeply honored to rejoin the world-class faculty of Southwestern Seminary.” 

“For some time now, President Greenway’s ‘big-tent’ vision has encouraged me regarding the future of my alma mater,” he continued. “Thus, it is with deep joy that I look forward to rejoining the Southwestern faculty in preparing students who will change the world for Christ.”

Since 2011, Park has taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels at various schools, including Southern Seminary, Cedarville University, and Crossroads Bible College. She has also served as a staff counselor at a nonprofit organization that cares for young moms, and as a church staff member who trained women in counseling. 

Park received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland, her Master of Arts degree from the Master’s University, and her Master of Divinity and Ph.D. degrees from Southern Seminary, where she later served as assistant professor of biblical counseling and book review editor for The Journal of Discipleship and Family Ministry.

Michael S. Wilder, dean of the Terry School of Educational Ministries at Southwestern Seminary, says he is “delighted” that Park is joining the seminary faculty. 

“Dr. Park has many years of teaching and counseling experience that will be invaluable in the classroom as she is a part of shaping the next generation of biblical counselors,” Wilder says. “I appreciate the depth of her biblical, theological, and practical knowledge as she expresses that understanding in her teaching and writing. I am grateful for her commitment to mentoring students in ways that truly form Gospel ministers. I am convinced that the future of the biblical counseling program at Southwestern is ever strengthened because she is joining our faculty.”

In coming to Southwestern Seminary, Park says she is excited to be part of an institution with such a “long and rich heritage.”

“I’m committed to a biblical counseling program that glorifies God by promoting Christ-centered change through His unchanging Word for various ministry positions,” she says. “As someone who has worked in both local churches and parachurch ministries, I know the value of a program that equips men and women to think theologically, view human nature holistically, and engage with life issues critically. Southwestern Seminary offers just such a program.”

Magnuson previously served on the faculties of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Southern Seminary, where he taught for over two decades as professor of Christian ethics, chaired the Department of Worldview and Culture, and served as director of the Commonweal Project on Faith, Work, and Human Flourishing.

He earned the Doctor of Philosophy in Theological Ethics from the University of Cambridge and the M.Div. and B.A. degrees from Bethel Seminary and Bethel University, respectively. Published widely, his textbook Invitation to Christian Ethics (Kregel) is scheduled for release this year. 

“Dr. Magnuson’s election as ETS executive director demonstrates the wide respect in which he is held among evangelical scholars,” said Provost Randy L. Stinson. “Our students, especially in the Doctor of Philosophy program, will benefit greatly from studying with him.”

Magnuson said it is “a privilege to join with the faculty of Southwestern Seminary in training men and women for Gospel ministry. I am delighted to contribute to raising up leaders who are dedicated to teaching what accords with sound doctrine (Titus 2:1).”

Reflecting on all three appointments, Stinson added: “The addition of these three scholars to our exemplary faculty is a great blessing from God for our students.”

All three faculty members will begin their teaching responsibilities in the fall semester.