Southwestern student performs in live show on America’s Got Talent

Boyd_AGT_Sept. 19

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary student Lachune Boyd performed live before the nation on America’s Got Talent (AGT) during the fifth qualifying round of the hit show on Sept. 19. Boyd, a Master of Music student with a concentration in voice, previously made it past the audition stage with a unanimous decision by the panel of judges.

Boyd said that judge Simon Cowell’s encouragement during her audition prompted her to consider what kind of singer she wanted to be. “The song I picked is a very popular song, but I am putting my own kind of twist and perspective on it,” said Boyd in video shown before her performance. “I think that will definitely show Simon that I have chosen something for myself.”

During the performance, Boyd sang “The Best,” which was made popular by Tina Turner. Originally released in 1989 by the Grammy Award-winning artist who died earlier this year, Boyd sang a rearrangement of the upbeat ballad in a slower version that highlighted her vocal range and skills.

After her performance, the panel of judges, including Cowell, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Howie Mandell responded to Boyd’s rendition of the popular song.

“Everything about this performance was stunning,” said Klum. “You, stunning. Every vocal, stunning. I mean, you are simply the best,” alluding to the song.

“I really admire the fact that you took a song that everybody knows and you made it your own,” said Cowell. “From the first time we met you, you radiate kindness. You really do and I would love to see you in the final and I think you really deserve it.”

Mandell was not a fan of her rendition of Turner’s song, but he was impressed with Boyd’s vocal ability.

“I think that your instrument, your singing is perfection,” said Mandell. “I think that you are an incredible talent, but I don’t know if I personally know if I love your rendition of this Tina Turner anthem.”

With the crowd booing and jeering, Mandell was interrupted by a buzzer during his response as it was clear he was in the minority with his opinion. Sofia Vergara, however, continued with the praise of Boyd’s performance.

“Spectacular and unique the way you sang that song,” said Vergara. “You look beautiful tonight and America is going to vote for you, you deserve it.”

When asked by host Terry Crews if her students would be inspired by her performance, Boyd said, “Yes, they are already inspired because they are already practicing harder.”

Voting has closed for Boyd’s round of performers, but during the follow-up episode on Sept. 20, America will find out who will move on to the finals scheduled the week of Sept. 25.

Boyd’s performance can be found here.