Southwestern to be represented at ETS, ASOR 2018 annual meetings

Alex Sibley


Southwestern Seminary will be represented by 14 faculty members and six students at the 70th annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in Denver, Colo., Nov. 13-15. This year’s theme will be “Holy Spirit.”

Southwestern faculty and students taking part in the meeting include:

David Allen (dean, School of Preaching): “The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Atonement and Its Application.”

Scott Aniol (associate professor of church music): “The Holy Spirit’s Work in Worship: Extraordinary Experience or Disciplined Formation?”; moderator for “Biblical Worship.”

D. Jeffrey Bingham (interim president, dean of the School of Theology): “God, Humanity and Time in Irenaeus of Lyons”; “Christ, the Spirit, and the Water in Irenaeus.”

Jacob Brunton (Ph.D. student): “Divine Egoism: An Edwardsian Theodicy.”

Daniel Buller (Ph.D. student): “Fall or No Fall? On the Relationship of Genesis 2-3 and 4:1-16.”

Robert Caldwell (associate professor of church history): “The Holy Spirit as the Bond of Union in the ‘Objective’ Spirituality of Jonathan Edwards”; respondent for “Witchcraft Accusations in Early New England: A Comparative Approach.”

Dongsun Cho (associate professor of systematic and historical theology): “The Theological Reflections of the Holy Spirit in the Passion and Death of Christ.”

Travis Dickinson (associate professor of philosophy and Christian Apologetics): “An Evidentialist Model of Faith.”

John Gray (Ph.D. student): “The Influence of the General Baptist Tradition on Benjamin Keach’s Pneumatology.”

John D. Laing (professor of systematic theology and philosophy): “Answering Islamic State: A Modest Proposal.”

Chris D. Lee (Ph.D. student): “A Lewis-Platinga Response to Epistemic Skepticism Regarding Religious Experience”; moderator for “Evangelical Philosophical Society B3.”

R. Keith Loftin (associate professor of philosophy and humanities): moderator for “Evangelical Philosophical Society C1.”

Terrence Nichols (Ph.D. student): “The Likely Resting Place of Herod the Great—A Reply to Patrich and Arubas.”

Jong Bok Park (Ph.D. student): “Korean Pneumatology in the Hermeneutic Process of Scripture.”

Benjamin Phillips (associate professor of systematic theology): “The Spirit Prophecy in the Pulpit: Reconsidering Preaching as a Form of Prophecy.”

Charles Savelle (assistant professor of biblical exposition): “Infanticide in the Apostolic Decree of Acts 15?”

David M. Toledo (assistant professor of music ministry): “Embracing the Challenge: Questions and Answers in Music and Worship Leadership Education.”

Terry Wilder (professor of New Testament): “A Pauline Theology of the Holy Spirit in the Letters to Timothy and Titus.”

Joshua E. Williams (associate professor of Old Testament): “Like Father, Like Son: Uzziah and Jotham in Chronicles.”

Hongyi Yang (assistant professor of systematic theology in women’s studies): “How Can One Do Theology without Terminologies?”

In addition, two faculty members and three students will participate in the annual meeting of American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR), Nov. 14-17. Southwestern presenters at this meeting include:

Marcella Barbosa (Ph.D. student): “Archaeology of the Near East: Bronze and Iron Ages II”

Thomas Davis (professor of archaeology and biblical backgrounds): “Archaeology of Cyprus III”

Lucas Grimsely (Ph.D. student): “Archaeology of Cyprus III”

Steven Ortiz (professor of archaeology and biblical backgrounds): “Archaeology of the Near East: Bronze and Iron Ages II”

Bruno Soltic (Ph.D. student): “Digital Archaeology and History I”

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